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Can you really achieve effective hygienic protection for a year with a single treatment? Independent tests have proven time and again that Resysten provides continuous disinfection for up to 12 months from just one application, on any type of surface. This ensures that pathogens do not have a place to survive, grow, or lead to bacterial or viral outbreaks. Learn more about Resysten’s professional hygiene service for businesses and request a free on-site assessment.


  • 12-month hygiene solution against viruses and pathogens
  • Can be used on any surface
  • In addition to its antimicrobial effect, it also increases surface lifespan
  • Preventive solution to reduce sick leaves
  • Climate-friendly solution; reduces the use of chemicals and thus their impact on the environment
  • Invisible, colourless, and odourless coating
  • Safe to use in all areas

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Resysten has improved hygiene by up to 99% compared to initial values in the offices and facilities of many of the world’s leading blue-chip companies, including SAP, Foxconn, PWC and Mylan, to name just a few.  The use of Resysten ensures that the workplace is both a safe and hygienically clean environment for employees.

5 steps for 12 month hygienic protection 



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Following offer acceptance, we will carry out the hygienic surface treatment, which provides a guaranteed 12-month protection.



As part of our service, we periodically monitor the effectiveness of our coating on the treated surfaces with instrumental measurements.

Free Condition Assessment

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